Why Won’t my Chickens Go Into Their New Coop?

Why Won’t my Chickens Go Into Their New Coop?
Follow these steps to help your chickens adapt to a new coop with patience and a gradual introduction.

Have you ever experienced the frustration of your chickens refusing to use their new coop? You're not alone. Chickens, like many creatures of habit, can be averse to change. In this guide, we'll explore why chickens resist new coops and how to help them transition smoothly.

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1. The Challenge of Change:

Chickens are creatures of routine, and they don't easily adapt to new environments. When introduced to a new coop, they may not immediately recognize it as their sleeping quarters. This can lead to confusion and reluctance to enter the coop.

2. Coop Placement Matters:

To ease the transition, consider placing the new coop within the run area. By doing this, you help your chickens associate the new coop with their familiar surroundings. It's like giving them a new house in their old neighborhood. For some inspo, check out where our hen guru decided to place her permanent run and coop, and what elements are needed to make it comfortable for the girls.

3. Guided Adjustment Period:

For the first 3 to 5 days (duration may vary by breed), take the time to visit your coop at night. Check if your chickens are roosting in their new home or if they've chosen to sleep by the door or in the corner of the run. These are common areas they may prefer initially.

Chickens Roosting

4. Gently Encourage the Change:

Gradually guide your chickens into the new coop. You can gently usher them inside and let them explore. By repeating this process for several nights, they will start to recognize that this is their new roosting place.

5. Familiarity Breeds Comfort:

One key takeaway from this experience is that it's not that chickens don't like their new coop. They simply need time to adjust. Even moving the same coop a short distance can result in them sleeping in unexpected places. This highlights the importance of familiarity and routine in a chicken's world.

In conclusion, chickens, much like humans, can be resistant to change. The key to helping them adapt to a new coop is patience and a gradual introduction. With time, they will come to accept their new sleeping quarters and continue to thrive in their familiar environment. Remember, it's all about giving your chickens the time and guidance they need to make the transition smoothly.

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